ACE’s Place Menu Cover

Client: ACE’s Place Bar & Gril
Completed: November 2018
Reference: Available on Request

ACE’s Place is a local pub in Guildwood Village with a Golf theme owned by Arthur C. Ewing. Arthur is a retired CPGA Golf Professional and was the Head Pro for 10 years at Scarboro Golf and Country Club. Arthur’s passion for golf is the reason for the golf theme at Ace’s Place. Lots of thought and careful planning went into the design with regards to the golf pictures on the walls and the logo for Ace’s Place.

OmniWorx Inc. worked with Arthur when he was looking to create a cover for his new menu. The new cover had to not only continue the golf theming of the establishment it also had to include the story of how ACE’s Place came to be and be shareable on social media. One of the main requirements right from the start is that the contact information for ACE’s had to be front and centre so that people could take a picture of the menu and some food and share it with friends on social media. The menu also had to work in with a new social media strategy that Arthur was working on so it included Ace’s new social media handle @AcesPlaceGuild.

We worked on a few different solutions to this problem and were fortunate enough to have access to photos taken by Arthur at the 2017 Masters that made our layouts that much more authentic. We ended up going with the simple clean design illustrated above to make it easy for people to share and read the cover clearly. We used four different images to create four versions that could be swapped out every few months to keep the menu cover feeling fresh.