Client: BIBBCON Landscape & Construction, Inc.
Completed: May 2019
Reference: Available on Request

Additional Credits:
Shayla Duval | SEO Copywriter

Live Site

BIBBCON Landscape Construction, Inc. is a landscaping company based in the west end of Scarborough that specializes in designing and building beautiful front yards that welcome you home and backyards that are perfect for unwinding and entertaining. BIBBCON asked us to review their existing website and make suggestions for updating it. We worked with the owners to design a modern site that is mobile optimized and that fits to the upscale clientele that BIBBCON works with.

BIBBCON Website Mockup.png

Project Deliverables & Objectives

The primary deliverable for this project was a single page site showcasing past projects BIBBCON had worked on and services that BIBBCON offered as well as contact information and information about the company.

The main objective of the website was to lift up the image of the company to match what their upscale clientele would be expecting from a potential landscape construction company and provide a method for potential clients to reach out to them. Longer term, the client also wanted to use the website as a tool to gain enough business to give them the ability to have a second crew work on projects.


To start the project we worked with the client to come up with a detailed brief that included the above objectives and deliverable statements as well as some background on the company’s target market demographics including location, income levels and project budgets. We also reviewed benefits that clients get for working with BIBBCON, the tone that they would like to have the content and the design written in as well as reviewing the competitions sites.

After the initial briefing and another briefing with SEO Copywriter Shalya Duval, we worked Shayla to create a site with content that not only connected to our target audience but also included some key terms that our target market would search for if they were to look for a landscape construction company. This was to make sure we stayed relevant and visible to search engines.

Website Before