Muddy Paws in the Guild Marketing Collateral

Muddy Paws in the Guild

After serving the Scarborough Community for over 20 years, the owners of Muddy Paws in the Guild asked OmniWorx Inc. for help refreshing their marketing collateral.


ACE’s Place Website

ACE’s Place Bar and Grill

OmniWorx designed a new website for ACE’s Place with the same spirit that ACE’s was founded on, being a hub for its local community.


WW Point of Sale User Interface Redesign

Self-Initiated Conceptual Project

As a WW staff member Jack decided to utilize his design background as well as his knowledge of WW and the check in process to create an interface that allowed Service Providers to provide a seamless weigh in to members.


360kids Nightstop Poster Campaign

360kids via RGD Designathon

Working with a group of Designers at a Designathon hosted by The Association of Registered Graphic Designers, our Principal Jack designed the concept for posters that could be placed in schools to connect kids with the program.