Raising a Flag for Guildwood

Client: Guildwood Village Community Association
Completed: June 2018
Reference: Available on Request

The Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA) is a Residential Association representing the residents if Guildwood Village, an historic neighbourhood on the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto's east end.

The GVCA was formed in 1958. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for caring about our community, for providing responsible leadership and promoting community spirit through community events such as Christmas and New Years Celebrations, Guildwood Day and a community Garage Sale Day. The GVCA is made up of an Executive Committee elected by residents as well as committees such as Finance, Membership and Communications. Our Graphic Design Principal, Jack Henry worked with various committees in the Association including the Flag and Brand Design Committee as well as the Communications Committee to create various graphic assets for the association.

Photo Credit: John Mason, President of Friends of the Guild Park and Gardens and Chair of the Flag Committee.
From Left to Right: Mayor John Tory, John Mason, Marsha Leverock (Designer of the final flag) & Scarborough-Guildwood MP John McKay

The flag was a project to mark the 60th anniversary of the GVCA. Jack was part of a team of community volunteers from backgrounds such as Design, Illustration, Marketing and Public Relations that worked for close to a year on over 100 different flag designs and consulted with many different community groups in order to create the final outcome pictured above. Jacks role in this project was to work on the strategy behind the flag to ensure that the flag was more than a piece of cloth with an image.

The Guildwood Village flag features four rectangles in a layout similar to many traditional banners. Each rectangle includes a symbol representing a feature that village residents are proud of: 

  • The white columns from local Guild Park represent the “Guild”

  • The three green evergreen trees represent “wood”

  • The brown bungalow, typical of the first homes built in the community, represents “Village”

  • The sloping white cliffs linking sky and shore represent “on the Bluffs”

Together, the symbols send the message: “Guildwood Village on the Bluffs” and the colours link Guildwood to Canada and to Toronto. The red is from the Canadian flag; the blue from the city’s official flag.

The final design chosen by the committee.

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