Presentation Deck for Peter Mansbridge

Client: Manscorp Media Services
Services: Presentation Design
Completed: October 2017
Reference: Available on Request

OmniWorx was contracted by Manscorp Media Services to create a slide deck for a Speaking Series for Peter Mansbridge.  Peter was Chief Correspondent and Anchor of CBC’s The National for 30 years.  He was planning a national tour where he would share his experiences in the Broadcasting and Journalism industry.  During the talk he takes the audience behind the scenes to “pull back the curtain” to show how the news gets into their living rooms every evening.

Our task was to create a unified presentation that consisted of photos from a 50 year period, from before Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau. To support the theme of “pulling back the curtains” the concept we developed was using pixelization to hide corners of the photo to make it look as though the photo, and the behind the scenes activity was being revealed through this presentation. Along with the photos there were portions of the presentation that did not have photos associated with them. For these portions we designed neutral slides to be shown on the screen.

The first event was a huge success and attended by about 400 people. I continue to work with Peter and his team to revise and improve upon the presentation.