Muddy Paws in the Guild Marketing Collateral

Client: Muddy Paws in the Guild
Completed: Ongoing
Reference: Available on Request

Muddy Paws in the Guild has been located in Guildwood, at the east end of Scarborough, for over a decade and they have been servicing Toronto and the surrounding area for almost 20 years. They carry a wide range of premium, natural and holistic foods as well as a variety of supplements, treats, vitamins and accessories for dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and fish. The owners of Muddy Paws in the Guild asked OmniWorx Inc. for help refreshing their marketing collateral. These are just a few of the projects we have completed for them.

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Grooming Menu (Pricing Board)

May 2019
We were asked to design an updated “Grooming Menu” board for Muddy Paws taking into account the new colours and identity that we had created for other brand collateral. The board consisted of three pieces of foam core with the information printed on it. These three pieces replaced one really long board that was impractical both to move and to update in the future. With these boards only the section with the changes would have to be reprinted should an update be required. We also kept legibility in mind as the piece was going to have to be viewed at a steep angle by customers. It was to be placed about 9ft from the ground and the viewer would be standing about 5ft away from the wall.

Point of Sale Placemats

May 2019
We worked with the owners to source a replacement writing mat for the stores point of sale desk. We sourced a mat from Muddy Paws previous supplier and then designed a insert that would fit well with the business cards that were being displayed nearby and fit with the over all feel of the brand that we had developed and had used for the business cards as well as the upcoming website.


Business Cards

December 2018
Muddy Paws asked us to redesign their business cards. We simplified the existing design to make it easier to get the necessary information from the card also taking into account the older audience of the card and ensuring that there was sufficient contrast and legibility.

Muddy Paws Business Cards.JPG