Damn! I Wish I had Designed That! - WeightWatchers: Wellness That Works Brand

WeightWatchers is a big part of all our lives at OmniWorx Inc. All three partners are active Lifetime members and Phil and Jack work with members as staff in the WW meeting rooms or studios to help others achieve their success. That’s why when Jack, our Principal, Graphic Design, learned of the rebrand in store for the company he had to share his thoughts.


That is the new tag line of WeightWatchers International, now rebranding as a wellness company, not just as a weight loss company. WeightWatchers, or WW as they have now rebranded, is in the midst of a huge corporate change. In February they released their Impact Manifesto outlining a new direction moving towards 2022 and beyond. One of the goals in this manifesto was to reposition the WW brand as more than just a weight loss company. They also announced that they will be removing all artificial ingredients from their products.

Part of this change included the WW visual identity. The new visual look follows a recent trend in all industries toward more modern logos and design that is free of gradients. The new brand uses a bold pallet of colours along with a bold new typeface. The new identity seems to be more gender neutral which seems to be an attempt to bring male members into the program where as previously the materials and brand had been more feminine, with flowing hand-written fonts and lighter, more feminine colours.

Meeting Room

Along with the visual changes, WW has also updated their lexicon to reflect the shifting focus to overall wellness. Meeting Locations are now called WW Studios, the Weigh-In’s are now Wellness Check-Ins, Meetings are now Wellness Workshops and the Meeting Room Team is now the Studio Team (Receptionist -> Wellness Guide & Leader -> Wellness Coach)


The packaging of WW products and design of the weekly Workshop materials has also changed. WW has chosen a bold colour for each of its products which will be marked with a large “WW” with the name of the product below. This should make each individual product stand out on the shelves of the new Healthy Habits Bar at each location and I know I am looking forward to seeing them!

The weekly publication is also changing from an 8 page mini magazine to a single card with the weekly topic on one side and a weekly recipe on the other.

WW is also releasing a new line of “Healthy Kitchen” products which will include cookbooks under the new brand.

The new products are expected to be released in November/December.


WW will be updating their app signifigantly, not only making visual changes to make the colours align with the new bold brand but also adding functionality such as a connection to the meditation app Headspace along with some new changes coming to Connect. What I am really looking forward to is the new WellnessWins where members earn points towards free experiences and products to help them on their wellness journey.

Lessons for Small Business

What makes the new branding for WW so successful in my mind is not only the beautiful final product but also all the strategic planning that went on in the company for the past year to create such successful creative. This really goes to show that great creative can’t be designed without a solid strategic background.

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