Client Feature

Muddy Paws in The Guild

Muddy Paws in the Guild is a locally owned pet store and grooming salon located right around the corner from OmniWorx Inc's head office. Owned by another local resident Colleen Zuber and her son Derrick, Muddy Paws has been serving east Scarborough for over 25 years since 1993, more than 10 of which have been in the Guildwood Village community.

OmniWorx Inc's Design division was first brought on to work on Muddy Paws Holiday Promotion, a gift bag that would be filled with treats for their four-footed clientele with a holiday theme. Since then our design team has worked with Muddy Paws to create new business collateral such as business cards and client information cards. We are currently working with developer Shayla Duval to update the website as well as working to update their price board for their grooming services. Colleen recently shared her experience working with us. Hear what she had to say about the process below.

What business challenges were you facing and how did OmniWorx Inc. help you solve them?
Keeping fresh in any market is key. OmniWorx helped bring a fresh new perspective to our brand for our clients and customers.

Why did you decide to work with OmniWorx Inc. over other designers?
OmniWorx is a community based business that offered us high quality design work at a good value.

How did OmniWorx' design services bring value to your business?
Again keeping fresh is key. OmniWorx is helping us keep our marketing strategy and collateral current while making the content easy to understand for new and existing clients and customers.

Describe what the creative process was like for you?
The creative process for us was flexible and geared towards our business needs.

Our Design Division can work with you to elevate your small businesses marketing collateral for a modern, design forward market. Reach out to us at to schedule a consultation and see how we can work with your business.