OmniWorx Inc. is a boutique design firm based in Toronto, Ontario that specializes in working with small- and medium-sized businesses in the areas of Environmental Graphic Design and Branding & Corporate Communications.

"Omni" is a combining form meaning “all,” used in the formation of compound words. Our name OmniWorx comes from the fact that we not only offer a range of Design services, we can also offer additional services to our clients if needed. On top of our Design services our Principals also work in Finance, Technology & Project Management.

Our strategic approach to design has lead to positive returns for our clients, both big and small and have allowed us to establish lasting partnerships. We also have connections with an extensive network of professionals in allied professions such as writers, illustrators, photographers, developers and suppliers.


Design is more than just what looks good. Design is a way for organizations of all sizes to communicate who they are and what they offer to their customers or clients. Design also helps shape a prospective of a space that people inhabit whether it is in a store, mall, or residential space.

That is why it is important for a designer to go beyond the surface of looking good and really understand the tangible objectives of the design. The right design should be the perfect mix of form and function.

Whether you are working on re-positioning your brand in the market, increasing customers time on a website, improving cost per thousand, increasing frequency of purchase, raising the average order value or solving any other business problem. Our Principal will work directly with you and/or your in-house team to help you define your strategy and objectives and then design creative material that meets those strategies and objectives.